Catholic Central High School

Catholic Central Students are challenged to not only “get involved” through the many unique opportunities our school has offer, but are given encouragement to strive for knowledge, in and out of the classroom. Through initiatives like CC’s Habits of a Hilltopper and one-on-one attention to every student’s needs, CC Graduates are well-equipped to achieve great things at the next level.

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Mrs. Theresa Phillips
Academic Dean – Catholic Central High School

Phone Number: 262.763.1506

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We are a passionate and committed college preparatory institution, implementing a rigorous and holistic academic curriculum. Catholic Central is a diverse, family-like community built upon FaithKnowledge, and Tradition.


As students and faculty at Catholic Central High School, we recognize that Art and Design mirror the ever-changing world we live in; it is essential to be able to communicate in this medium by using creative thoughts, and expressive idea. We believe art is an essential factor in nurturing the most important needs of a balanced individual and society in the 21st century.


“Our mission is to prepare students for a rapidly changing world by expanding each student’s knowledge, experience and skills in business and computer technology. Through “hands-on” experience and real world scenarios, students will be able to apply these skills in their everyday life.”


“The English Department prepares students to demonstrate competency in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Skills are enhanced through close reading strategies, dramatic performances, multiple compositions, and oral presentations. Through keen attention to detail, students internalize character personas and view thematic literature through varying lenses. Original thought is fostered and independence encouraged.”


The mission of Catholic Central High School’s Performing Arts Department is simple, “….to inspire those we serve through the arts to realize their full potential and to be a positive influence in the global community.”

CCHS believes that the arts have the power to transform all people’s lives – to realize God’s gifts within them and in others. We also believe the arts are one of humanity’s most meaningful tools for understanding the world, and through the arts, we share in the achievements of every culture and find a universal language with which to communicate.

Our primary goal is to impart the highest standard of performing arts education, providing students with the knowledge and skills required for success in their future endeavors: character, creativity, confidence, communication skills, collaboration skills, cultural competency, and citizenship.


The goal of the Physical Education program is to promote the benefits of exercise and physical activity, while striving to positively impact the students’ current levels of fitness. The ultimate goal is to have students develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to engage in exercise and health promoting habits throughout their lives, and accomplishing this by providing a positive experience for all students in Physical Education and Health classes.

Our program provides each student the opportunities to develop skill and understanding in a variety of youth related activities in team and lifetime sports and a weight training class that allows the student to develop muscular strength and power through a method of body building.


The goal of the Mathematics Department at Catholic Central High School is to ensure that all students attain a level of ability in mathematics, which enables them to further their education and career pursuits and become productive citizen in today’s society.

Additionally, we strive to help students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the role of mathematics in the past, present and future, since math touches most areas in human endeavor.


The goal of the Science Department at Catholic Central High School is two-fold: First, to equip students with the tools needed to make quality life decisions. We strive to prepare students to think and rationalize within a situation using reasoning techniques and scientific inquiry strategies. Secondly, to inspire awe for the many facets of God’s creation. We strive to rouse students’ wonder, curiosity and respect for the intricacies of our natural world.


The goal of our Social Studies department is to develop inquiring and appreciative minds that understand God’s grace in their individual lives and the societal connections that each of them have to their country and to their world; past, present, and future.


Within the Catholic identity of Catholic Central High School, the mission of the theology department is to invite and empower students to embrace the Gospel message, to experience personal growth in their faith lives, and to experience a faith community that leads to a faith that compels students to strive for justice in our world.


Recognizing the culturally diverse society we have become and the need to communicate effectively in more than one language, the World Languages Department strives to prepare students to function in places, times, and situations culturally different from their own.


CCHS offers additional courses that expand academic and hands-on learning opportunities to all students.

Honors Certified Nurse Assistant

Junior/Senior Elective 1 Semester 1 credit high school/3 college credits. Students wishing to become Certified Nursing Assistants must pass Gateway Technical College course number 543-300, as well as the certification exam upon course completion. The course consists of a state mandated 120 hours of instruction. 60 hours are classroom/lab instruction, and 60 are clinical experience. The Health Programs Department requires reading, writing and Math competency testing for all applicants. *Academic competency can be demonstrated through ACT scores or the Gateway placement test. Attendance is extremely important. The state of Wisconsin will not issue certification to students that have missed excessive class time. Students who register for this course must make a commitment to attendance in order to be successful. Each student will receive 3 college credits and 1 high school credit upon completion of the course. The classroom portion of the course will be held at Gateway Technical College, Burlington Campus. Clinicals will be completed at a local medical and rehabilitation center. The class will run 7:00-9:00am for the first 60 hours and then 6:30-8:30am for clinicals. Transportation to and from off-campus sites will be student responsibility. An Orientation night will be held in October at the Gateway-Elkhorn campus for parents and students. The date and time are yet to be determined.

Study Hall

Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Elective 1 Semesters .5 credits. Study Hall is a period dedicated to quiet study. This is an opportunity for students to complete homework, study for a test, read, utilize study groups, use the computers, consult with a teacher, and so forth. Students in study hall are expected to use the time wisely. If a student wishes to have a year round study hall they must register for both semesters.

Teacher Assistant Program (T.A.P.)

Junior/Senior Elective 1 Semesters .5 credits. T.A.P. is a program designed for the teachers and administration at CCHS. Students who are chosen for this program will aide an assigned CCHS staff member for an entire semester. They will be under supervision of the assigned staff member and will be expected to perform assigned duties. This course is designated as Pass/Fail. Students who are interested in this program should be self-motivated, mature, and have a good work ethic.

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