Catholic Central Celebrates its Centennial

Catholic Central High School is 100 Years Old

Founded in 1920 by the Father Van Treek and The School Sisters of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s/Burlington Catholic Central High School is celebrating its centennial anniversary!

“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed;

If in terms of ten years, plant trees;

If in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”


Catholic Central / St. Mary’s High School is celebrating its 100th anniversary beginning in 2020! During the founding of our school in 1920, visionary Archdiocesan priest, Fr. Joseph Van Treeck, and the brave School Sisters of Notre Dame faced the ravages of World War I and the devastation of their own global pandemic- the Spanish Flu. Despite tremendous challenges, a surge of modernization and invention was born in our nation in the ensuing years. Our school grew from a two year business school to a four year accredited high school that served the small community of Burlington by providing an outstanding education steeped in faith, knowledge and tradition. 

A Catholic Central education is grounded in time honored values that go well beyond the fleeting ideas and beliefs of a modern day culture. Our academic rigor is grounded in the belief that each of our students is a unique gift from our Creator, and as such, they are nurtured and cherished for who they are and what they are meant to become. 

Today, Catholic Central High School is a regional, academic, athletic and artistic powerhouse that serves all of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our graduates are accepted into the finest colleges and universities and their achievements and personal successes are by-products of our focus on developing distinguished character in our “Eight Habits of a Hilltopper” program. We strive to infuse our students with the virtues of courage, gratitude, discipline, joy, compassion, humility, resilience and honor. It is our sacred duty to not only teach students how to learn, but also, how to live. 

As our current pandemic subsides, we hope to have many celebrations of our 100 year anniversary. Enjoy the wonderful videos and articles on this site. We look forward to seeing you in person in the coming months ahead! 

With Topper Pride,

Mrs. Bonnie Scholz, Principal/Head of School, CCHS

Congratulations Catholic Central

So many wonderful message have come in from friends, alumni, teachers and so many others.  We are so grateful to have so many that keeps CC in their prayers and thoughts.

Some Festivities curtailed…for the time being

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  CC has moved some of its planned events to a later date.  Please check back as we move into the Spring of 2021 for more details.  

Want to get involved?  Have something to Contribute?

If you’re a CCHS/St Mary’s Alum and have some memorabilia (or a message) you’d like to share for our 100th celebration, please email  If you would like to be on the 100th anniversary committee, please connect with 

Historical Facts at Catholic Central High School

Maybe you’ve seen our weekly #HistoricalFact Facebook Posts?

  Below are CCHS Historical Fact photos that we featured on our Facebook Page.

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