Statistics and Tuition

Affordable Christian Education in Wisconsin

Obtaining a Catholic Central Education is more affordable than you may think. The perception is, “private schools are expensive”. And, in many cases, that may be true. CCHS tuition at $8900/year is almost 40% less than other private schools in the greater Milwaukee Region. And, that doesn’t take into consideration considerable tuition assistance and grant opportunities inherent to Catholic Central High School.

A 100 Year History Means a LOT of Alumni

We are very fortunate to have many happy alums that have decided to give-back to their alma matter, in hopes to inspire new generations of CC Alums to “go forth” and make their mark in society. This has been a “win-win” for all involved, as we embark on a new century of education at Catholic Central High School. Our alumni network and generous donors are part of a tightly-woven fabric that keeps our tradition going, benefitting almost 50% of our families in some financial manner.

Public Education and Private School Education can Co-exist

…and should…

There is a place for both in our quest for the betterment of our children. Because CCHS benefits from a hybrid model of funding, much of our endowment comes from private donations. Public education is at the mercy of public dollars and public policy, regional, local and even national and can change yearly. We are fortunate to be able to offer high-quality education year-in-and-year-out and our students benefit from consistent education through a smaller teacher-to-student ratio (8:1) which is half of the Wisconsin Regional average.


  • Student/Teacher
    8 : 1
  • Scholarships Offered
  • Sat Score
    ACT: 30.6

Invest Now…Rewards Later

Getting a solid High School Education is essential, especially if you or your child has high hopes to get into a great college. Statistically, obtaining a strong 9-12 education increases a student’s chances exponentially. More so, if one takes into consideration a private school’s advantages:

Catholic Central’s Tuition Cost Estimator

Below is our tuition estimator for a year at Catholic Central. Enter your numbers below and this will give you an estimate of tuition for a single student. Keep in mind, there are other variables which are taken into consideration that cannot be calculated here. For a complete evaluation, please contact out Admissions Department at  or call 262.763.1510

Tuition calculator

Disclaimer: The CCHS Tuition Cost Estimator is a tool that gives approximate cost of tuition based on entered quantities. The numbers generated on this application are estimates and not “hard numbers”. These numbers are subject to verification by a CCHS Official.