Open House

Catholic Central High School Open House

Catholic Central’s Annual Open House will be held in October 2021.



Admissions testing dates (placement exams) are currently being scheduled on an individual basis.  For more information on taking the admissions placement test, please go to

The 2020 Open House was held in-person and virtually 0n the Catholic Central Campus.  The 2021 Open House is scheduled tentatively for October 2021. 

Please bookmark this page for future updates.  

If you or someone you know is considering Catholic Central High School, this will be a great opportunity to see all that CCHS has to offer!  CC Students consistently land in the best colleges not only equipped to face the challenges of college but lined with scholarship money to set them on a path of financial success.  The CCHS Class of 2020 graduates earned a staggering 3 Million Dollars in Scholarships! 

Alternate Admissions Placement Dates

If you missed Open House, CC is still scheduling in-person and virtual visits.  Please contact CC Admissions at 262.208.4888 for alternative dates and times.

If you are even considering Catholic Central HS for your child, we strongly encourage you to schedule testing. After taking the test, the CCHS Administration will be able to begin the process of financial aid (including School Choice eligibility) evaluation which, in many cases, with varied deadlines, will ensure you get the most opportunity for tuition reduction.


Surprising Tuition Reductions

Many of our CC Student Families are surprised that they qualify for tuition reduction. Even if you think you “make too much”, there may be some assistance for you as well.

If you would like more information on CCHS Placement Testing, Financial Aid opportunities or have any other questions, contact Andy Gorniak, Admissions Coordinator, 262.208.4888

Open House

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