Parent Partnership

  Share in your student’s development . . .

through your valued insight, perspective and participation.

Catholic Central High School offers you a significant role in the life and development of your student. Our school community is powered by passionate parents in the academic triangle, which includes the combined efforts of teachers, your student, and you. Students are most successful when parents are informed and able to provide support as their student grows into their God-given potential.

Parents Are Partners Here

Parents are students’ primary educators. You know your student better than anyone, so your input and direction is essential. Your student has a unique set of skills, abilities, gifts, and needs. With a favorable 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, Catholic Central is able to consider your insights to tailor your student’s education. You will be involved in academic advisory meetings to discuss your student’s progress, graduation requirements, scholarship opportunities, and more. We greatly appreciate parental participation and feedback to help strengthen our family-friendly environment.

Affordable Private Education

We believe in the potential of every student. As an investment in our community, we keep tuition costs significantly lower than the national average for private education. The school’s generous donors provide financial assistance to one in three families.


Student/Teacher Ratio


Graduate College Acceptance Rate


Average College Scholarship Money


Teachers with Master’s or Better

Power School Parent Portal

Catholic Central keeps parents informed and up-to-date to collectively make the best decisions for each student’s education. The parent portal allows you to easily access your student’s progress and collaborate in improving grades or identifying opportunities for acceleration. The portal also assists in creating a tuition plan that works for each family. Scholarships and financial assistance options can also make the school affordable for families

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    Why Choose CCHS?

    There has never been a better time to choose Catholic Central High School. We are currently celebrating over 100 years of academic excellence and refining our holistic approach that continues to position us as the premiere high school in Southeastern Wisconsin.

    Hear it from the Students

    Makayla Vos and Luke Gillmore talk about their experiences as a student at Catholic Central High School.

    The Results are Impressive

    At Catholic Central High School, our high school graduation rate is over 99%, compared to the Wisconsin state public school graduation rate of 88.4%. Additionally, over 99% of our graduates attend college, compared to the Wisconsin state average of 61.3%. In terms of college preparation, Catholic Central is unmatched in the region. CC’s average, top-quartile ACT score ranks nationally in the top-10% with a 30.6. The Wisconsin state ACT average is 20.5. The Catholic Central AP test pass rate is 82%, compared to the WI state average of 69% with the national / global average being 61%.