Students and Student Life at Catholic Central High School

Students at CCHS are like family, with virtually unlimited opportunities to “get involved” in athletics, academics and extracurricular activities. With nearly 100 years of tradition, CC Students experience #TopperPride from the minute they enter these historic walls.

As a student at CCHS, you’ll have an opportunity to find your way through opportunities. Many of our students created clubs that continue to this day. That’s the beauty of going to a smaller school. The potential is only limited by your own imagination. #opportunityawaits


Student Life is what you make it. Yes, CCHS is smaller than most schools in the region and many think that's a good thing. In 2018, our small school brought home its 51st State Championship Trophy! Many of our athletics are ranked year-after-year and as our girl's volleyball team saw, hard work, not matter at what level, pays off. They brought home gold ball number 6 for CCHS Girls Volleyball!

Extra-Curricular and Academics go hand-in-hand at Catholic Central. Many of the top athletes at our school are also tops in their class. Last year, Valedictorian, Sydney Robson, was also a star Softball Player. She earned not only an academic scholarship but a Softball scholarship to St. Olaf College.

Student Resources

Look to the left margin for additional downloads or information you may need. Our student handbook can be found here and our academic calendar here.

There's more student life information (including photos) on the official CCHS BLOG.


How fun is that name? Topperpalooza has been a tradition at CCHS, bringing awareness to future Hilltoppers from area schools. If you’re interested in attending Topperpalooza contact us.

What happens at Topperpalooza

During this great event, students will get the opportunity to learn a little more about the advantages of attending Catholic Central. We start the day off with prayer, a very important aspect to our CC education…then lunch and then break-out into groups (led by Catholic Central Students) to meet other 7th grade students from around the area. From there these students will visit the three sessions that our school is built upon, Faith, Knowledge & Tradition. The day ends with CC teaching staff introductions and showing a short video about Catholic Central and its student life.

Harvey The Hilltopper will have a new look. Look for the new Harvey, Winter of 2018. We will also have student try-outs for who will wear the new Harvey shortly thereafter.

Harvey doesn’t let obstacles get in his way. His axe gains him traction when the going gets rough and his determination gets him to his destination. #Topperpride stems from this spirit and has produced a rich tradition at CCHS in athletics, academics and the arts.

The Catholic Central Alumi Network

Established in 1920, CC graduates have made their mark around the World. Many have expanded their roots in the Burlington Region. Opportunity awaits you in whatever career you choose. Whether you’re considering advanced education or a trade, the vast CC Alum Network is a great resource to shadow or “pick the brain” of an alum in a career you may be considering. For more, contact our Counseling Department.

Catholic Central High School Academic Calendar

Clubs At Cchs

Art Club

Art club is a fun and interactive club for participating in service projects. Through the school year, we do many service projects to raise money for the charity of the club’s choosing. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ARTISTIC TO JOIN!!! During the year, we will go on various field trips during the school day to do things such as painting windows around Burlington for Christmas! Also if you participate in the fundraising, you will earn service hours.

Bike Club

This club is all about bringing back the bicycle! Within this club, you will bike once a year to Great America and spend the night camping out and then bike back home.

 F.I.A.T. Club

This organization stands for the “Faith In Action Team”. We believe that the world is our community, and that we have the power to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate, no matter how far apart we are. To accomplish this, we do fun and easy fundraisers and send the money to a charity. 

Fishing Club

The club gathers together for fishing outings (ice fishing and open water fishing). They also will compete in high school bass fishing tournaments this summer. As a club we hope to promote the sport of fishing and give other high schoolers the opportunity to both fish as well as learn how to fish for different species(bass, musky, northern pike, trout, etc.).


What is forensics you ask? It is a speech and debate team. It also empowers students to become an effective communicator, critical thinker, and a leader.

Heart Club

This club sends out high school students to the local women and children’s homeless shelter TLC. There we babysit the children while their mothers attend meetings or go to classes that they are required to take that help them with financial literacy. The students babysit the children as a volunteer service to the community.

Key Club

(Kiwanis Educating Youth): This is the largest and oldest high school service organization. Key Club finds fun and exciting ways to serve both the school and community. The club meets about twice a month and participates in at least one service activity each month.

Model UN

Students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization’s agenda. Students make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, and resolve conflicts.


(National Honors Society): This organization is a part of the National Association of Secondary School Principals and is dedicated to service in the community and in school. The main idea of NHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in students.


The aim of the Catholic Central Post is to bring the people of Catholic Central High School what they want to hear before they know they want to hear it. Our content ranges from current events to school news to opinion pieces. The Post’s veteran team of writers will always be available to answer questions. If a reader would like to submit their own content to the newspaper, they can email any member of the staff and they will upload it under the persons name.

Peer Mentoring

Within this program, high school student teach and educate 5th and 6th grade students about bullying and what they can do to stop it! High school students regularly go into these classrooms and deliver the lesson to the grade school children.

Operation Click

This student based program helps to promote safe driving behaviors such as wearing your seat belt to not texting and driving. In addition, we provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug uses, and other destructive decisions.

Pep Band

The Catholic Central Band has a busy schedule of performing! We perform at home football games, basketball games, as well as special events (formal concerts, pep rallies, and Grandparents Day). The Pep Band adds to the school spirit of CCHS!

Ping Pong Club

You get to play ping pong with Mr. J! This club typically meets after school in the early evening once a week.

Praise Band

Do you enjoy music or performing? Praise band is a group of students who perform contemporary Christian music for student Masses.

Student Ambassadors

The students assist the Admissions Director in recruiting prospective students by sharing time and ideas for visits, and other activities. Student Ambassadors are the mentors for incoming and transfer students.

Student Council

Student Council is the voice of the students. They assist in helping the student body have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. In addition, they are also responsible for the planning of Homecoming and the blood drives.

Topper Pride

Want to get into shape? Don’t have time after school? Well, Topper Pride is for you! This club is a speed and agility opportunity for students. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30am.

Youth Group

This club focuses on giving the students opportunity to learn, celebrate, and enjoy their Catholic faith and school community by planning youth rallies, all school Masses, and providing service opportunities for all students.  

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