Transfer Students


Parents of prospective transfer students who are seeking admission to Catholic Central High School should contact Karen Schwenn, Admissions Director by telephone (262-763-1510) or to initiate the transfer process.

To complete an efficient transfer process, parent applicants will be expected to provide the following items:


Catholic Central High School is a little gem of a school located approximately 25 miles West of Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the town of Burlington. Just off of Hwy 11, 83 and 143, CCHS intersects with 4 arteries in the South East Region


  • East Troy: 25 Minutes
  • Lake Geneva: 12 Minutes
  • Waterford: 5 Minutes
  • Delevan: 20 Minutes
  • Pleasant Prarie: 25 Minutes
  • Franklin: 25 Minutes.

Scholarship Opportunities

Our awesome alumni network combined with generous donations, allow CC Student Families to benefit financially when you decide that CCHS is the right choice for you. Over 33% of our CC Families receive tuition assistance. Last year CCHS allocated almost 200K in financial aid assistance.


If you’re within a 30 minute drive to CCHS, there may be bussing or transportation options for you. Contact our admissions department for more information on bussing and alternate forms of transportation which may apply to you.

Thank you for considering Catholic Central. Our 100 year tradition in academic excellence has provided children of all faiths and ethnicities opportunities for a well-rounded education in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.