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Our 100 year tradition has yielded thousands of graduates. Many of our CC/St Mary Graduates have given back to our school for the development of future Catholic Central Graduates. Through this type of assistance, one in three parents of CCHS Students is eligible for financial assistance with an average of $4,665 per student.

For information on COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS, go HERE

To find out if you may qualify for CCHS financial assistance, check out our CCHS Tuition Calculator HERE

The above number is what Catholic Central High School awarded in financial assistance this past year.

Catholic Central families that receive financial aid.

The average annual tuition discount that CC families receive.

To receive tuition assistance, every applicant must apply by the deadline yearly.
Receiving tuition assistance is not just based on income. Many families are surprised that they received support thinking they were out of the income brackets allowed.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance at CCHS

To apply for tuition assistance, please go through the A.B. Jeannette Rewald Trust and Friends of Catholic Central

Friends of Catholic Central

Families wishing to apply for financial aid with FCC will need to complete an on-line application, submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid and pay the $35.00 application fee.

Friends of Catholic Central High School tuition aid application






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Rewald Tuition Assistance

To apply for Reward Tuition Assistance, please click on the icon below. The application must be submitted to the CCHS Admissions Coordinator. 

For information on deadlines, please see the application or contact, Andy Gorniak, Admissions Coordinator.  This award pays for tuition costs only.

SCHOLARSHIPS at Catholic Central

CCHS has the following scholarships available to help meet tuition costs.  Please click on the Scholarship NAME to download the application below:

Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000, will be awarded to:

* Four incoming freshmen
* Four freshmen graduating to the sophomore level
* Four sophomores graduating to the junior level
* Four juniors graduating to the senior level.

Criteria for these scholarships include financial need and academic achievement. Scholarship awards are one-time annual awards.  Student must apply each year to be considered.  In order to be considered for these scholarships, you must complete the information below; submit a copy of your most recent report card (with GPA-high school level) and one letter of recommendation (by a faculty member).  Financial information will be reviewed by our financial aid office. 

Recipients are selected by committee members from Catholic Central High School.

It is the Donor’s preference that the Fund provide scholarship aid to two (2) freshmen students in need of help with tuition. Annually, the Recipient shall transfer to Catholic Central High School approximately 5 % of the market value of the Restricted Account to be distributed in accordance with the directives of the John and Katherine Pieters Daniels Freshman Scholarship Fund Committee. The award will be divided over four years at CCHS and will be credited to the chosen student’s tuition account at the end of the first quarter of each new school year. Should the student leave CCHS prior to graduation, all remaining distributions will end.

The two annual scholarships will be provided to applicants based on financial need primarily with scholastic potential, leadership experiences and personal character as secondary considerations. The scholarship award check for each student will be sent to Catholic Central High School after the students complete the first quarter of their freshman year. The $1500 award will be credited to the students’ tuition account for the upcoming school term.

The intention of the scholarship is to assist with the education costs of a young person with an agricultural background within their immediate family, job, or by being in an activity such as 4-H. The student should reflect the standards of Robert and Leo. The amount of this scholarship will be credited to the recipient’s tuition account for the upcoming year. Incoming freshmen will have first priority to apply for this scholarship. Should no incoming freshmen meet the above criteria; the scholarship will be open to upperclassmen.

This scholarship is to be awarded to an incoming freshman based on financial need. Other criteria include scholastic ability, leadership and personal character. The scholarship award will be credited to the recipient’s tuition account after he/she completes the first semester of freshman year.

Any incoming freshman who is the son, daughter, or grandchild of a Catholic Central (St. Mary’s) alum is eligible to apply for an alumni sponsored scholarship. Each year, two scholarships will be awarded, in the amount of $500 each.  Selection is based on participation in school, church or community activities. Applicants must also submit a typewritten essay (100 word minimum) on why they have chosen to come to Catholic Central High School. Tuition credit will be applied the beginning of the second semester of their freshman year. Recipients are expected to maintain a C average and to receive no more than six demerits during the school year.

Students who will be sophomores, juniors, or seniors, for the upcoming school year may apply to become a Student Ambassador. Applicants must be enthusiastic, responsible, punctual, and have the desire to project a positive image of CCHS.

For the scholarship, the application must submit a typewritten essay (100 word minimum) on what you could bring to the organization, what you could do to attract new students to Catholic Central, and why you choose to come to Catholic Central.

Current Catholic Central Students and Registered Incoming Students

If possible, please submit your application by April 30, 2021.  Financial Aid applications completed by the April due date will be reviewed for consideration first and this may enhance your chances for receiving financial aid. The result of the applications will be sent to Catholic Central High and notification letters will be mailed in June. Only students who have completed the registration process at Catholic Central can be considered for financial aid.

How to Apply for Aid at CCHS

Friends of Catholic Central: Families wishing to apply for financial aid with FCC will need to complete an on-line application at, Please read the instructions carefully, complete the online application, submit the necessary supporting documentation by mail or fax to FACTS Grant & Aid along with a processing fee of $35.00 charged by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Click Here.

Need to complete a financial aid application?

To learn more about what documentation is needed before completing a financial aid application. Click here


To access the CC FACTS Monthly Agreement and/or FACTS Grant & Aid Application Click HERE, you will also be able to learn more about the program as well as assess your financial needs directly on the site. The FACTS portal allows each individual to select a payment plan that beset suits your financial needs.

CCHS Tuition Costs & Tuition Policy

Since we are a private institution, CCHS does not receive federal or state money. Click on the below icons to download CCHS’ Tuition Policy and Tuition Information Sheets.

Tuition Policy at CCHS

Tuition Information at CCHS

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

As of 2016-2017, Catholic Central began participation in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). Under this program parents have a voice in how their tax dollars are spent on the education of their children.  We at CCHS believe parents are best equipped to decide what school is the best fit for their child.  This program allows more families to choose a Catholic education for their sons and daughters. For those students selected to the WPCP, the family receives a voucher from the state of Wisconsin that pays their student’s CCHS tuition and other school fees in full. There is an open application period for the statewide program, usually running from February 1st to April 20th. For more specific dates or to apply, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Para obtener información sobre School Choice en español, vaya AQUÍ.

Did you know CCHS offers a Private Bus for students to ride to and from school? To see if you are in one of our geographic areas download our Transportation Information Form HERE.